We are excited to introduce two great “new” services at Function Physical Therapy!

Massage Therapy

Why not have some of the best licensed massage therapists in the Los Angeles area work on your problem area(s), while being supervised by a physical therapist. Together we can focus on your injured areas with the therapeutic touch of a massage therapist.

Pilates Based Therapy

Whether it’s to tone/sculpt or rehab your ailing body parts, Pilates-based therapy can help. Our instructors are highly trained and experienced in a vast array of Pilates methods, including rehabilitative therapeutic based exercises.

If you need Massage Therapy or Pilates-Based Therapy in Los Angeles, Brentwood, West Hollywood, or Beverly Hills call us today for details and rates!

Sports Specific Rehabilitation

We offer a comprehensive rehabilitation program built to suit your needs as an athlete. Whether your specialty is the
50m freestyle, a 100-mph serve, a 5K, a point guard, or a mid-fielder, we custom tailor a rehabilitation program to have you ready to compete at the highest level.

Manual Therapy

We believe that great physical therapy involves a hands-on approach. Our therapists have extensive years of experience and training in manual therapy techniques. We have learned from and practiced with the best in the field. These techniques come from years of experience, practice, and specialized continued medical education.

Post-Operative Care

Every surgical procedure is different and should be treated accordingly. Your treatment is tailored to meet your needs, whether it’s a rotator cuff repair, an ACL reconstruction, hip replacement, or meniscus repair, our expert team is equipped to rehabilitate you as an individual.

Biomechanical Assessments

Every injury has a cause. Many people do not have a single event that can be traced to an injury. That is why we employ state-of-the-art visual equipment to analyze your biomechanics. To truly understand the course of many injuries, one must uncover the reason for the injury. We are able to analyze and break-down the mechanics of almost any activity, frame by frame, and any faults that may lead to injuries. Once discovered, the faults can be corrected, resulting in quicker recovery time. 

Custom Cast Orthotics

Orthotics are not a panacea. One must be carefully evaluated from the hip to the toes before an accurate assessment for using, or not using, an orthotic is made. We take over an hour to analyze your lower extremity biomechanics, including video gait/running analysis, before considering custom casting the foot for orthotics. If you will benefit from an orthotic, we will then custom cast the feet, which is the most comprehensive way to accurately fit an orthotic. Be wary of foam step boxes or computer step plates without a proper lower extremity evaluation.

Preventative Spinal Care

Most back issues, if not consistently addressed through comprehensive evaluation and intervention, will become chronic. To assist with your recovery we will analyze what the cause of your back pain is and how to rehabilitate the condition. This will involve modifying your activities, analyzing muscle imbalances, comprehensive postural re-education, increasing your strength of the key back muscles, and teaching a comprehensive home program to maintain the back in working order. You no longer have to live a life with back pain.

Sprains, strains, -itis, and more

Whether you have an acute sprain of the ankle, strain of the cervical spine, bursitis, tendonitis, whiplash, trigger finger,
you name it , we can help. If it involves an orthopedic ailment our physical therapists are qualified to assist you in recovery. The fact is the vast majority of sprains, strains, inflammations, and irritations do not require surgery, but will require some form of
physical therapy.  We are here to help.